A medieval festival on your summer holiday in Mauterndorf

Experience on holiday what is was like to live in the 13th century during the medieval festival in Mauterndorf

Fanfares echo through the town, minstrels and jugglers present their skills, knights battle out relentless duels – you can find all of this at the medieval festival in Mauterndorf.

Medieval festival in Mauterndorf up at the castle
The Middle Ages up at the castle

Mauterndorf has been transforming into a medieval market once a year on the first weekend in July for a few years now. The spectacle starts right in front of Hotel Binggl. If you are looking for an experience that will turn your summer holiday in Lungau into a real adventure holiday then you are in just the right place with the medieval festival.

Merchants and market sellers in the historical town centre

There is a great deal more to see apart from the demonstrations that take place all day. Hotel Binggl is situated in the centre of Mauterndorf. The wonderful town centre provides the ideal setting for this event. Stall holders sell their goods along the road on the left and right. This is the only place where you will find specialities that would have been for sale several hundred years ago. Right next to this you can see medieval craftsmanship. Admire the long-forgotten techniques and products that are brought back to life again during the medieval festival in Mauterndorf.

Medieval cuisine at the festival in Mauterndorf
Culinary treats from the Middle Ages

Knights' camp and tournaments

The knights' camp is situated between ancient trees. You can find yourself in the middle of tents and fireplaces here. The knights who stay here during the festival live camp life here as was usual during the various periods of the Middle Ages. Naturally, this also includes one or two show battles. Children in particular like the tournaments where things get really heated.

A bakery in the Middle Ages

The journey back in time to the Middle Ages starts right on Hotel Binggl's doorstep. The Binggl Bakery is of course represented and presents products from this era. The master baker Richard Binggl prepares so-called witches' buns, while the boss Anja offers bread, baked products and fresh baked farmers' doughnuts in the witches' den. The rabbit ears are definitely a highlight on our stand. They are fried pastry puffs served with sauerkraut.

Experience the medieval festival in Mauterndorf with the whole family. Send us a no-obligation enquiry or book straight away online.

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