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The Prangstangen in Zederhaus in Lungau
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Lungau is one of the regions where customs and festivals are still celebrated and honoured. Whether it's the Lungau "Kasmandl", Easter bonfires or the Zederhaus "Prangstangen", there are numerous Austrian customs to be experienced throughout the whole year in Salzburg's Lungau, which are held in the Hotel Binggl's surrounding area.

"Krampus" is a figure that is famous far and wide but there is a great deal more to see in Salzburg's Lungau. On your summer holiday you can find the Samson here or visit the water shoot on Prebersee lake. In the winter the Kasmandl will come looking for you and then the Ratscher Boys walk through the streets at Easter.

Customs in the winter

The farmers and dairymaids leave the mountain pastures in Lungau just before winter sets in. The Kasmandl then move into the mountain huts in the winter. The Kasmandl are little dwarf-like figures that look after the cows in the summer. The custom of the Kasmandl walk comes from this folklore. Children go from house to house dressed up in costume on the eve of 11 November. They recite poems, sing songs of the hill country, and hand out sweets as a thank-you for the tips they have received. Krampus then comes not quite a month later, namely on 5 December. Krampus is Nicholas' helper and he punishes anyone who was not good throughout the year. There are Krampus parades in almost every town in Lungau. People dress up in artistically carved masks and animal skins and then parade through the town celebrating this custom.

From Easter through to the summer

Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. The crowds of people welcomed him by waving palm bushes. In Lungau there is still the custom of carrying palm fronds, which goes back to this event. Branches with catkin are tied together and brought along to the blessing of the palms to commemorate this day. A few days later, it continues with the next Easter custom, the rattling. The church bells symbolically fly to Rome from Maundy Thursday to Good Friday. During this time, the Ratscher Boys are out and about with their wood-carved rattles as a replacement for the bells announcing the time. Another really wonderful Easter custom in Lungau are the Easter fires. The artistically set up fires are lit on Holy Saturday out of joy for the Lord's resurrection.

The customs then continue in the summer with the Samson. The Giant Samsonis a biblical figure that is carried through the town during the Samson parade. One highlight of the customs in Lungau though is certainly the Prangstangen, which only takes place in Zederhaus and Muhr. Every year the Prangstangen, which are several metres high, are decorated with flowers and carried during the parades.

The water shoot at Prebersee lake in Salzburg
The water shoot at Prebersee lake in Lungau

The Water Shoot on Prebersee

The Prebersee lake in Tamsweg is surely one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Lungau. An unusual event takes place here every year. As you don't shoot directly at the target here but at its reflection in the water. The bullet bounces on the water's surface and then hits the target. This unique spectacle takes place every year at the end of August.

Naturally you can only experience these kinds of wonderful and unique customs by seeing them for yourself. If you would like to see one of these traditional events for yourself then simply send us a no-obligation enquiry or book straight away online.

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